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Simplify Social Media with Editorial Calendars

While social media itself may be a free tool, making those tools a successful piece of your wedding business marketing takes a lot of time. And as a business owner, time certainly equals money. Many wedding professionals have found that social media can take up so much time that they start viewing it as an obligation rather than a tool. If you have the same sentiments about social media, all isn’t lost. There are several tools and strategies you can use to help maximize your time spent with social media so you still have time to focus on other marketing aspects for your business.

One of the most effective tools for social media time management is an editorial calendar. Using an editorial calendar can help streamline your content creation for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets so that your social media involvement becomes more of an automatic, pre-defined and well thought out strategy rather than on-the-spot and sporadic. Editorial calendars can even be used with other automatic scheduling features to simplify the publishing process.  So where do you begin with creating an editorial calendar? Here are a few tips:

Time Frame

First, decide on the time frame that your editorial calendar will cover. This will vary according to the types of social media channels you’re involved with and how actively you have and/or plan to use them. If you’re only planning content for one blog post per week, your editorial calendar could cover up to three months. On the other hand, if your editorial calendar includes 2-3 tweets per day, you may need to keep your calendar to a span of 2-4 weeks to keep things relevant.  Decide what time frame works for your business and stick with it.


When it comes to content creation, brainpower goes a long way. Instead of just relying on your own ideas for all of your social media content, schedule a group meeting where several or all those involved in your business can help brainstorm ideas for topics and themes. While some promotional content can be intertwined with your content, make sure that the overlying goal of your calendar is to create content that is relevant and useful to your readers and followers. In the brainstorming process, consider things like seasons and holidays, company events, hot industry topics, tips and tricks, etc. that you can correspond content with.

Delegate and Create

After you’ve created a calendar that includes themes and topics, the next step is to delegate the creation of that content. Even if writing isn’t a strong point for everyone involved in the brainstorming process, they can at least help formulate basic ideas and outlines that can then be drafted into publishable content by someone with writing skills. Always make sure that content pushed to social media is proofread and spell checked before publishing—while it may not seem like a big issue, spelling and grammar mistakes can affect your image.

Leave Room for Variation

Even though you may have all of your content created and scheduled to be posted throughout the length of your calendar, don’t forget that sometimes circumstances call for an alteration in that schedule. Sometimes unexpected news or involvement in an extraordinary wedding, if relevant to your readers, can and should take precedence over your scheduled content. Allow yourself to be flexible and creative when the need arises as the beauty of social media is the ability to instantaneously provide an update of yourself or your business to your current and prospective clients when it is appropriate to do so.

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