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BrideLive Blog - How Busy Brides Do Business

Why Writing Can Be Right For Your Business

Very few wedding professionals access their knowledge and write about it beyond the confines of their own blog or Facebook page.

When you advertise in a wedding magazine, on a wedding website, in a newspaper, mail your brochure or call leads from a bridal show you are pushing your services. Think about the difference in your posture if you write an article that is published in a wedding magazine, on a website or on a blog that brides subscribe to for creative ideas. When a bride takes the time to read articles, she is satisfying a hunger for information on how to do things better. Continue reading

What Type of Content Grabs Her Attention?

Those who have been in the wedding business for a long time know things have really changed.   There once was a time when a bride was recommended to you by a client or vendor, she saw your ad in a magazine, she found you by attending a bridal show, or she received a phone call from you. For the most part you were promoting your service to an audience that had a much more limited exposure to getting educated on planning a wedding.  In the past a bride would find her resources by going to a bookstore and buying a book or reading some articles in wedding magazines. Continue reading

How Does Your Website Speak To The Bride?

With the click of a button, brides can save their ideas, share their inspirations, loop in their guests, shop their whims and yes, book their vendors.  Real weddings inspire vendor choices and venue selections. Brides are bombarded with ideas for palette choices and décor ideas.  There are so many different vendors competing for her attention that your website needs to speak directly to her. Continue reading

Ask For Reviews, But Not Just For Good Ones

Testimonials are becoming somewhat obsolete as savvy consumers know that a business will only post favorable comments on their website.  Because a review is perceived to be more authentic than a testimonial, many wedding professionals have started to put newsfeeds on their website showcasing reviews from popular sites like Wedding Wire.  Brides know that the business has no control over what a customer says on review sites so getting a strong review is extremely meaningful. Continue reading

How to Engage Fans and Generate More Likes

Despite the plethora of social media sites that exist in the marketplace, Facebook continues to be one of the most used social platforms worldwide. While popular social sites do vary by industry, Facebook still remains one of the top in the wedding industry and whether you like it or not, potential customers often use the status of your Facebook page to make a first impression about your business. Visitors not only look at the design of your page, but they also make a judgment on how many “likes” your page has. The key to having an effective Facebook page is learning how to “engage” your current fans and also how to generate more likes through your account activity and other marketing techniques. Continue reading

Social Media Time Management

“I just don’t have time.” That’s the response many wedding professionals have when asked how their social media marketing efforts are going. Owning, managing and marketing a wedding business certainly takes a lot of time and effort, but if your business isn’t engaging in social media, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities for enhancing your visibility and credibility. Continue reading