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Make It About The Guests

If you think about it, while a bride often dreams of a perfect wedding, it’s far more important for her to have a healthy marriage.  And in reality on the wedding day couples are so immersed in the magnitude of the wedding, being the center of attention and having so many conversations with guests that often the memory of the wedding day is one big haze. It’s just too much sensory and emotional overload to step back and take it all in.

Why is this an important point to understand? It is important because it serves your company during the sales process.  You can share this as a truth to realign your prospective client’s thinking and make them understand that the marriage is about them but the wedding reception is about the guests.

Most reception halls, combined with the right entertainment, will show the guests a good time and they will register the experience as a night of fun. With all the planning and money invested, isn’t that all a couple could ultimately want for their guests to experience?

There lies the opening in shifting the thinking of the couple. Focus on creating a meaningful experience for their guests.  This can be accomplished by putting thought into the ceremony. For example, if a special relative is unable to come to the wedding, creating a video stream so that the relative can witness the wedding from anywhere is special not only for the person that is not able to physically attend the wedding, but for the guests as well. Encouraging the bride and groom to write their own vows, making the first dance something different and/or having a surprise entertainer come in and do something that guests would never expect to see at a wedding are all ideas that will make the event special and memorable for the guests.

If you are the entertainment or the venue, these  type of memorable items become associated with your brand of party and that is a good thing. For any category of wedding professional factoring in the guests can be a pathway for add-on sales. It can be anything from personalized guest towels in the powder room to a beautiful basket of toiletries. It can be a prominent seating chart in a decorative frame rather than seating cards that guests often misplace or forget to pick up when they arrive.  It can be distributing disposable cameras and video recorders for guests to feel part of documenting the day. It can be a long stem rose that is handed out to each guest when they arrive.

When you realign someone’s thinking, other things happen, you lower defensiveness, price resistance and perhaps the need to shop around. All these things make it easier to provide a great service, as well as make a sale.

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