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BrideLive Blog - How Busy Brides Do Business

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

That thinking just does not work in the wedding industry. You cannot go to school to learn how to market in our industry. It is very experiential and sometimes experimental. However, one thing that is often overlooked is how to leverage your existing customers for referrals and repeat business.

The wedding business as a whole is a referral business rather than a repeat business. However, that applies to the wedding portion of one’s business. Most wedding professionals offer more expansive services that cater to other occasions both social and corporate.

If you are an entertainment company, limousine company, florist, printer, photographer or videographer that has commercial accounts, cultivating wedding business can be easier than you think. Usually the individual you may be dealing with at a company knows at any given time who is getting married. Why not craft a special flyer (specific to the company) that has a special offer for engaged employees? Ask for the names of the employees and their business contact info to send them something special.

Let’s look at the more common flip side. You have many wedding customers, why not find out where they work and see how you can be of service to their company? Just by finding out what they do and asking a few questions you can figure out how to approach their company.

If you can’t get in touch with the particular person you are looking for, speak to someone else at the company and ask them to pass on your information.   Invitation businesses can see if they have corporate functions or send out holiday cards. An entertainment company can see if there are corporate functions, company picnics or holiday parties. Videographers and Photographers can check on the opportunities not only for parties, but also for assisting in marketing and promotions that require their services.

One of the biggest challenges in gaining new business is getting the attention of your target audience. By connecting with your customers during their planning stages, you certainly have their attention and are more apt to win their business.

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