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How to Engage Fans and Generate More Likes

Despite the plethora of social media sites that exist in the marketplace, Facebook continues to be one of the most used social platforms worldwide. While popular social sites do vary by industry, Facebook still remains one of the top in the wedding industry and whether you like it or not, potential customers often use the status of your Facebook page to make a first impression about your business. Visitors not only look at the design of your page, but they also make a judgment on how many “likes” your page has. The key to having an effective Facebook page is learning how to “engage” your current fans and also how to generate more likes through your account activity and other marketing techniques.

Engage Your Fans

  • Engaging your fans involves more than just posting status updates with the hope of getting some comments or “likes.”
  • Always remember that content posted to social media should have the goal of benefitting your followers. Even though the purpose of having a Facebook page is to ultimately contribute to the bottom line of your business, your posts should do more than just advertise your products or services.
  • Encourage calls to action and aim for two-way communication. Rather than just making a statement in a post, casually ask for a response. For example, if you ask an open ended question (one that starts with “how” or “why” and requires more than a one word response), you should also end with something like “leave a comment with your answer,” or, if you do make a statement, close with “like if you agree!”. Simple calls to action can go a long way in improving fan engagement on your page.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t bombard your followers with status updates. And make sure those status updates don’t intrude on their newsfeed with paragraphs of text. Keep your posts simple and concise.
  • Pay attention to timing. Believe it or not, the timing of your posts can make a difference in the level of fan engagement you see. With the average Facebook user having around 250 friends, it’s easy for your post to get buried in newsfeeds. Statistically, posts on Wednesdays and Sundays, and those made between 8p.m. and 7 a.m. receive the most engagement.

Generate More Likes

  • Generating more likes for your page is done through both engaging your current fans as well as increasing your Facebook visibility with current and potential customers.
  • Use incentives. One of the best ways to not only engage current fans, but to get those fans to encourage their friends to like you as well, is to use incentives and contests. Giveaways and contests that involve an in-demand incentive are much more likely to be successful in increasing your fan base. For example, create a promotion with a great giveaway once your page hits x number of likes, and encourage your current fans to share it with their friends.
  • Use social share buttons on your website. Make sure that your Facebook presence is evident once someone reaches your blog or site. Social media buttons and share features make it easy for visitors to your site to stay connected even after they’ve left your site.
  • Use fan-focused features. With Facebook Apps, you can create features available only to those who “like” your page. Many businesses use this as an incentive for people to like their page in order to get access to special coupons or promotions. This promotion can be incorporated with email campaigns or even with marketing incentives for store visitors.

For those of you in the social media rat race, what are some ways you have engaged with your clients or potential clients on Facebook ?  What have you found works best for your type of business?  Let us know –  we would love to hear your thoughts.

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