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BrideLive Blog - How Busy Brides Do Business

Having A Heart Can Also Be Smart

There is so much emotion and passion attached to a wedding. The media is filled with stories of romantic proposals, couples who have overcome tremendous challenges, celebrity weddings and weddings that have humorous occurrences.

Wedding professionals often have the opportunity to get to know the couple very intimately and are exposed to their interests, family and sometimes even challenges and tragedies. Think of the relationship building opportunities you are presented with when you can show your client that you know them and also that you care.

Has it ever happened that you had an appointment with a bride and she contacted you telling you that she had car trouble, got a flat tire, or some other obstacle? 999 out of 1000 would perhaps be empathetic and say, “Sorry you had this trouble, give us a call to reschedule the appointment”. What if you were that one person, who would say, “Where are you? I’ll be right over!” Think about the impact genuinely helping or offering to help another human being can make on that customer. If you rescued someone who had a flat tire, how much have you increased the odds of having them hire you? How much have you increased the chances of them telling their family and friends about you?

There are many other ways of showing you care, for example several days before the wedding, a loved one falls ill. It could be devastating to the bride if her grandmother or another important person in her life will not be able to be at the wedding. What would it mean if you set up a live stream of the event through video conferencing so that her grandma can watch the wedding in real time? Is this going out of your way to show you care and make the bride comfortable? For sure it is!

What are some ways you have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make a bride or her family members feel special?  A good deed goes a long way and will not go unnoticed.    The idea is to be willing to give fully and freely from your heart and then be smart enough to know how to tastefully capitalize on your goodness.

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