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Don’t Neglect Your Blog

Even though blogging certainly isn’t the newest social media platform to hit the scene, it’s still an extremely vital part of your business as a wedding professional. As a business owner in the wedding industry, it can be difficult to manage the various demands of your client base along with all of the marketing and advertising required to make your business successful. However, it’s important to realize that blogging can be one of your most effective online marketing and branding tools—not only with the visitors that visit your blog, but also for the fact that it can help increase your site’s chances of ranking well in search engines.

If your business blog has been left neglected and isn’t on your priority list, here are some tips about why your blog is an important business asset and how you can find new ways to keep it updated:

Consistency is Key
While it’s not as easy to spot a neglected website, as with any social media platform, it’s easy for viewers to see when a blog has been left untouched for quite some time. The purpose of being consistent with your blog isn’t so much about the amount of content in your archive as it is about the message it sends to your visitors.

The best way to aim for consistency with blogging is to set a goal and stick with it. Whether you plan to update your blog once a week or once a month, creating an editorial calendar with scheduled topics can help ensure that they’re not forgotten about in the future.

Pay Attention to the SEO Benefits
Consistent blogging is also a great way to boost the SEO value of your website for local search terms related to the products or services offered by your wedding business. Google’s search algorithm pays attention to the “freshness” of a site’s content, and blogging is a great way to show that your site is regularly updated rather than left stagnant.

Additionally, incorporating local search terms and inter-site links in blog post content, as well as adding relevant image tags with photos can help increase the number of visitors that find your blog through organic searches.

Find Fresh Ideas for New Content
Finding ideas for new blog content can be difficult at times, and is the reason why many businesses just start ignoring their blog altogether. Consider the following tips when brainstorming content for your blog:

Blogging is more than just an advertisement.  While it’s important to incorporate promotional content and news about your business on your blog, the goal for your blog should be to provide relevant and useful content to your readers. Use blogging to show your position as an authority figure in the industry through more than just promotional content.

Blog about industry news and helpful tips. Contrary to what some people may think, creating content about more than just your direct products or services won’t hurt your image, in fact it quite often adds valuable credibility.  As a professional in the industry, you know that there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Think about how you can include other helpful news and tips for brides who visit your blog, showing that you’re interested in helping them with more than just what your business offers.

Utilize your professional networks. If you have wedding industry networks or contacts that offer complimentary services to your business, try utilizing those relationships to create content on your blog through guest articles. Other professionals in the industry get a chance to expand the visibility of their name or business on your blog and you get great, relevant content—a win-win situation for both parties.

When was the last time you updated your blog? If it’s been a while, incorporate some of these tips to make your blog start working for your business.

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