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How Busy Brides Do Business

BrideLive Blog - How Busy Brides Do Business

Storytelling Can Help Your Sales Have A Happy Ending

If you look around the Internet on wedding websites, national and local wedding magazines and leading wedding blogs, a great deal of content is dedicated to real weddings. Effective websites also feature galleries of real weddings. One smart strategy that many wedding professionals neglect is to mention the venue. Example – Donna and Richard at the Marriot Marquis, NYC. Another positive consequence is you may end up ranking for that venue in a Google search. When a bride is looking on your website and you’ve spotlighted “Donna and Richard’s” wedding, the chances are she doesn’t know them but if the venue they got married at is the same as the bride being showcased, that could be reason alone for her to contact you. Continue reading

Time To Analyze Your Time

Employees in the wedding industry usually work a finite period of time and are paid hourly. On the other hand, many wedding business owners will set no boundaries on the amount of time dedicated to their business. While the rewards of owning a business go beyond financial gain, analyzing your own time expenditure in your business can be very insightful and truly be a growth experience for efficiency, balance and profitability. Continue reading

The Bridal Show Dilemma

Just about every wedding professional has participated in, or at least considered participating in a bridal show.  Many vendors see success at these shows and continue to participate, but there are a few who continue to do them without really being able to quantify their effectiveness, while at the same time not having the most attractive booth, not having a strategy to really get the attention of the bride and not following up properly after the show. Continue reading

Is There Really No Place Like Home?

In the wedding industry many businesses are based out of the home for the purpose of convenience and low overhead. The Internet has leveled the playing field and with a combination of the right website, good online visibility, strong reviews and a professional looking workspace, a home based business can have as much perception of reputability and credibility as an office or storefront location has. Continue reading

Make It About The Guests

If you think about it, while a bride often dreams of a perfect wedding, it’s far more important for her to have a healthy marriage.  And in reality on the wedding day couples are so immersed in the magnitude of the wedding, being the center of attention and having so many conversations with guests that often the memory of the wedding day is one big haze. It’s just too much sensory and emotional overload to step back and take it all in. Continue reading