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How Busy Brides Do Business

BrideLive Blog - How Busy Brides Do Business Creates Competitive Advantage for DJ and Entertainment Companies

Los Angeles, CA (May 23, 2012) — In an era of tech-savvy brides, is helping DJ and entertainment companies, along with other wedding industry professionals, appeal to their modern bridal audience through one-of-a-kind virtual meeting software. With BrideLive, DJ and entertainment professionals can easily facilitate virtual meetings with their clients that are highly interactive, personal, and productive.

Using BrideLive’s web-based software, DJ and entertainment companies can easily build interactive floor plans, showcase mock intros and mixes, share files, and more, all in a live virtual meeting with their bridal clients. Additionally, BrideLive users can record the virtual meetings which later can be sent to parents or family members who weren’t present during the live meeting.

“BrideLive sets DJ and entertainment companies apart from the rest of the competition by providing them with a branded virtual meeting space,” said Jay Thomson, owner of BrideLive. “Besides saving time and money on travel, using BrideLive gives bridal clients more options and adds a level of convenience in the planning process that they probably have never experienced before.”

BrideLive helps professionals expand their market reach by providing the tools needed to hold effective presentations without having to meet face-to-face with potential clients. The use of interactive presentations has been shown to dramatically help close more sales and increase the status and credibility of entertainment companies using the software. It can also act as an effective networking tool to forge relationships with wedding planners and venues.

“BrideLive has tools professionals won’t find in Skype and other Skype-like programs,” Thomson said. “With BrideLive, DJ and entertainment companies can show the bride exactly where the uplights will be placed, talk about the right spot for the photo booth, perform demos with Virtual DJ or Traktor, and even immediately upload contracts with FileShare.”

Additionally, BrideLive allows website visitors to immediately connect with professionals through its exclusive MeetUsNow tool. With this feature, web traffic can put a face with the brand through virtual meetings, creating a competitive edge and a more personalized experience.

For more information about BrideLive and the benefits it offers to DJ and entertainment professionals, please visit


Headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California and based on technology that has been in development and commercial production for over eight years, launched in 2011 as a custom software company and is frequently recognized for its rapid sustained growth, product excellence, and superb multi-media user interface.  Through their cutting-edge technology has been able to provide a web-based virtual meeting space used by wedding planners, photographers, DJs, florists and other professionals in the wedding industry who wish to leverage the power of online, personalized meetings to convert leads, grow sales, and save time.

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